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"Take a look around you, Happiness is trying to catch you."- Fortune Cookie

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Yeah for a left over fruit bowl! How do people take uber good photos of yher food? It doesn’t look real? But this one? This one is real.

Yeah for a left over fruit bowl! How do people take uber good photos of yher food? It doesn’t look real? But this one? This one is real.

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The Mudderella was a very long 7-mile run with some pretty tough obstacles.

We began by basically swimming through a giant mud puddle, climbed through some typical obstacles (under barbed wire, through mud, up a cargo net) but then had some new and interesting ones.

First were these pretty tough walls that got taller. It was a stretch and definitely tested my arm strength and fear of heights, but everyone around me was cheering everyone on. It felt great to get to the top.

Next were these little tubes, you crawled through them and then slid into another giant mud puddle. I love swimming in the mud.

Then we had the hardest obstacle of all (and of course there are no pictures of it) but it was a climb over obstacle. You were standing in 4 ft of water and had to climb over 5 ft walls. At 5’7”, this was quite impossible until I made some friends to help me out. It was very fun.

Finally, there was climbing up and over some round hay bails. This was pretty difficult, but I was very proud of myself for finishing it.

It was a very fun, very muddy, very hard run and I loved every second. I allowed myself to walk a lot of mile 3. Other than that I jogged most of it with muddy, wet shoes.

19 mi ran in September

I have been waiting for these!!! Yes!!! Very nice work :) So proud of you :) 

I want to do this! It looks so awesome. And the confidence gained from it would be so awesome!

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Starting my day hopefully woth a healthy start with some smoothie bowl. I want to start my day with a relaxed mindful mind but that is harder.

Get to go to chem class then off to work with crazy kids… no wonder my brain is not relaxed.

One day it will be I am sure.

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Anonymous asked: Sweet Elle, what kind of church do you go to? What is it you're currently learning with an eager mind as yours? I ask because I find myself to be similar to you and can't find a church home. Your blog is one of my all time favorites and I am thankful to my husband for sharing it with me. We eat popcorn and share drinks as we scroll through, contemplating how to love better in this often painful world and each other. Keep up what you are doing!


popcorn and drinks! this message, you two, this moment… you’re great.  i’m deciding where to plant roots so today church was on the porch, beside water, with coffee and a ukelele. later it will take place at a winery before bluegrass alongside good folks. creation and community.  and i am learning this… be where my feet are. not where i want or will it to be, but to take in where i’m standing, to walk the path i’m on this very moment. to talk less, to listen more and get over myself. 

This sums up what I have been feeling and learning… to be in the moment

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Day 2:

Today I learned that peiole have to get used to my personality. I always thought that I was the one who had to get used to their personality instead. I guess I never realized that it goes both ways

Note to self- lay off the bread… I will be thankful later.

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Day 1: lessons learned from eating sushi

I had sushi with my fam and my man. I ate so much! At least I threw in a big salad among the sushi rolls I ate…. I am trying to not eat sweets for 5 days… but its not going so well… I think the longest I lasted was 3 days, so I am restarting tomorrow. I am trying to work out for 5 days straight too. Today was my first day.

Back to what I learned. Although it shocks me to see how much my family can eat when we get together… I get happy when I see a tower of plates leave our table. It makes feel very accomplished and I get a warm fuzzy feelling knowing we aren’t wasting food
#lifelessons. #livinginthemoment

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Back into the swing

I have been really thinking about blogging again…  What would I write about?  Who would read it?  What is my goal?  Why should I blog? etc…

I came to the conclusion that I will stick to my first reason of starting my blog eons ago… Finding happiness, being mindful, and enjoying my adventures in this world. 

I’m excited and glad to be back!